Inspiretec was formed in 2015 with the goal of providing small to medium size businesses, home offices and individuals with practical guidance on I.T. infrastructure - Computing hardware, software, networks and Internet connectivity

Through providing support from server to desktop level, Inspiretec takes on the role of I.T. Manager, assisting each client with making technology work for them.

This role has grown to include setting up businesses with their 'online presence'; providing Internet connectivity, hosting services, websites and access to digital marketing gurus to make these investments work.

As a small business itself, Inspiretec understands the challenges faced by companies and individuals who need to rein in their costs whilst growing their businesses; balancing risk with cost constraints. This understanding led to Inspiretec's provision of reliable technology products and services to encompass security, cloud services, communication and backup solutions.

Inspiretec has a network of partners and specialists available to implement and maintain all solutions, working only with reliable and service-oriented service providers.

Of course, when there are inevitable technical challenges, Inspiretec is there to help you make them go away - Inspiretec founder, Linda Matz, has been in the 'IT business' for twenty-something years, and uses her knowledge, experience and love of all things 'techy' to grow and maintain relationships with customers and service providers alike.


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