Inspiretec has been created for a market of individuals and small businesses who need to streamline their businesses to enable growth in this challenging economy. The layman or non-technical user should be able to make use of and benefit from technology in this rapidly changing digital world.

Having a full time IT executive and/or specialist is costly and superfluous. Let Inspiretec take on this niche knowledge service, allowing you to focus on what’s important - your business.

IT Solutions
Inspiretec is able to provide IT services, and guidance to clients; enabling them to meet their business objectives using readily available technology.
Client Specific
The key to make technology work for our clients, is to tailor solutions for them, taking into account their unique environments. Inspiretec has a network of partners and specialists available to implement and maintain all solutions, working only with reliable and service-oriented service providers.
Inspiretec has over twenty years’ experience in IT management with a focus on IT service delivery and strategic contribution; ranging from internet connectivity, website design and hosting services to backup and archiving - minimising risk of data loss or theft.
We want you to be inspired to make the most of the technology.
Create your business
From registering your domain name to setting up your e-commerce store, we will guide you step by step. You need a web presence, you need to be found on Google Maps, you need company email addresses, you need to look professional.

Get Connected
Fibre, LTE, 3G, ADSL, WiFi. The list has grown. We will recommend the appropriate solution based on your requirements and location, including townhouse complexes and office parks. Click 'More' to see our amazing LTE packages.

Protect Your Data
Other than not wanting to lose your work, data protection is a must for identity theft, legal compliance, machine protection and general peace of mind. Without your data / emails / calendars / contacts you are lost. Find out more about our security solutions including cloud backup, email archiving and PC protection.


Inspiretec has developed a team of specialists that are both professional and appriachable. They each are specialists in their fields and are able to develop and implement solutions that suit both your pockets and technological needs.

Linda Matz
From IT executive to entrepreneur, Linda is living her passion for IT; using her extensive knowledge for client solutions and sharing her excitement for the latest technology.

An admitted technophile, Linda still makes time every day to walk the dogs in the park.
Ang Lloyd
Ang's expertise lies in wrangling words and no site should go live before she has given it the once over. Not only will you never have an apostrophe go rogue again, but with Ang on your team you'll get compelling copy too. She's a journalist at heart and her passion project is her blog, Jozi.Rediscovered.
Alex Bouca
With over 20 years experience in the graphic design and branding world, Alex can be found either lecturing to budding young graphic designers or sitting behind his excessively complicated hardware set-up creating (what he believes) are perfectly practical solutions to visual challenges.